Parts of speech tagging

Parts of speech tagging is one of the important tasks of text analysis. It helps tag each word based on the context of a sentence or the role that a word plays in a sentence.

Let's see how to perform part of speech tagging using nltk:

>>> pos_word_data = nltk.pos_tag(word_data)

>>> pos_word_data[ : 10]

[('Pundits', 'NNS'),
 ('and', 'CC'),
 ('critics', 'NNS'),
 ('like', 'IN'),
 ('to', 'TO'),
 ('blame', 'VB'),
 ('the', 'DT'),
 ('twin', 'NN'),
 ('successes', 'NNS'),
 ('of', 'IN')]

You can see tags, such as NNS, CC, IN , TO, DT, and NN. Let's see what they mean using this code:


NNS: noun, common, plural undergraduates scotches bric-a-brac products bodyguards facets coasts divestitures storehouses ...

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