File handling with Hadoopy

Hadoopy is a library in Python, which provides an API to interact with Hadoop to manage files and perform MapReduce on it. Hadoopy can be downloaded from

Let's try to put a few files in Hadoop through Hadoopy in a directory created within HDFS, called data:

$ Hadoop fs -mkdir data

Here is the code that puts the data into HDFS:

import os
hdfs_path = ''
def read_local_dir(local_path):
  for fn in os.listdir(local_path):
    path = os.path.join(local_path, fn)
    if os.path.isfile(path):
      yield path

def main():
  local_path = './BigData/dummy_data'
  for file in  read_local_dir(local_path):
    Hadoopy.put(file, 'data')
 print"The file %s has been put ...

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