Chapter 3. Styling Raster and Vector Data

In this chapter, we will cover advanced styling and labeling of raster and vector data in QGIS. It is assumed that you are familiar with basic styling in QGIS and are looking to improve your styling techniques. The topics that we will cover in this chapter are as follows:

  • Choosing and managing colors
  • Managing color ramps
  • Styling singleband rasters
  • Styling multiband rasters
  • Creating a raster composite
  • Raster color rendering
  • Raster resampling
  • Styling vectors
  • Vector layer rendering
  • Using diagrams to display thematic data
  • Saving, loading, and setting styles

Choosing and managing colors

As colors are used throughout the styling process, we will first review the ways in which you can select and manage color collections in ...

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