Memory using Qcharts

Our second SysInfoWidget is a MemoryWidget class. This widget will display a history of the data so that we can see how the memory consumption evolves over time. To display this data, we will use a QLineSeries class from the Qt Chart module. Create the MemoryWidget class and follow the same pattern we used for CpuWidget:

#include <QtCharts/QLineSeries> 
#include "SysInfoWidget.h" 
class MemoryWidget : public SysInfoWidget 
    explicit MemoryWidget(QWidget *parent = 0); 
protected slots: 
    void updateSeries() override; 
    QtCharts::QLineSeries* mSeries; 
    qint64 mPointPositionX; 

Instead of a being QPieSeries*mSeries is a type of QLineSeries* that will be linked to the chart object in a very similar ...

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