What is the password?

So now that we know how to debug "Unix style", let's try the passcode program. You can download the passcode program from https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Mastering-Reverse-Engineering/raw/master/ch6/passcode.

Try to get some static information. Here's a list of commands you can use:

ls -l passcoderahash2 -a md5,sha256 passcoderabin2 -I passcoderabin2 -i passcoderabin2 -H passcoderabin2 -z passcode

At this point, the information we're after is as follows:

  • File size: 7,520 bytes
  • MD5 hash: b365e87a6e532d68909fb19494168bed
  • SHA256 hash: 68d6db63b69a7a55948e9d25065350c8e1ace9cd81e55a102bd42cc7fc527d8f
  • The type of file: ELF
    • 32-bit x86 Intel
    • Compiled C code that has notable imported functions: printf, puts, strlen and  ...

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