Hello World in Radare2

Besides its disassembler and debugger, Radare2 is also packed with a bunch of tools . Most of these are static analysis tools.

To get the MD5 hash of the hello world binary file, we can use rabin2:

With the use of the ls command and rahash2, we are able to determine these pieces of information:

filesize: 7348 bytestime stamp: July 12 21:26 of this yearmd5: 799554478cf399e5f87b37fcaf1c2ae6sha256: 90085dacc7fc863a2606f8ab77b049532bf454badefcdd326459585bea4dfb29

rabin2 is another tool that can extract static information from a file, such as the type of file, header information, sections, and strings.

Let's get the type ...

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