Working with perception using MoveIt! and Gazebo

Until now, in MoveIt!, we have worked with an arm only. In this section, we will see how to interface a 3D vision sensor data to MoveIt!. The sensor can be either simulated using Gazebo, or you can directly interface an RGB-D sensor, such as Kinect or Xtion Pro, using the openni_launch package. Here, we will work using Gazebo simulation. We will add sensors to MoveIt! for vision-assisted pick-and-place. We will create a grasp table and a grasp object in Gazebo for the pick-and-place operation. We will add two custom models called Grasp_Object and Grasp_Table. The sample models are placed into the seven_dof_arm_test package in the model directory, and should be copied to the ~/.gazebo/models ...

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