Embedding interactive charts into R Markdown

The next way is to embed interactive chart types into R Markdown documents by using various R packages that enable us to create interactive charts. Some of these package, we have already been introduced to in Chapter 3, R Lesson I – Graphics System. They are as follows:

  • ggvis
  • rCharts
  • googleVis
  • dygraphs

Therefore, we will not introduce them again, but will introduce some more packages that enable us to build interactive charts. They are:

  • threejs
  • networkD3
  • metricsgraphics
  • plotly

Please keep in mind that the interactivity logically only works with the HTML output of R Markdown.

Using ggvis for interactive R Markdown documents

We already know the ggvis package from Chapter 3, R Lesson I: Graphics System. Broadly speaking, ...

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