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Mastering Self-Leadership: Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence, Second Edition

Book Description

A brief inexpensive paperback on self-management. KEY TOPICS: This book explores methods for achieving personal goals using self-assessment, self-reward, and self-punishment concepts and exercises. This revision includes a new chapter on Self Leadership within Teams. The practical, applied assessment exercises and activities both build and reinforce the skills all managers need to manage themselves and employees.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Preface
    1. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
    1. Charles C. Manz
    2. Christopher P. Neck
  4. 1. The Journey
    1. Leadership
    2. Sources of Leadership
    3. We All Lead Ourselves
    4. Self-Leadership
    5. Notes
  5. 2. Mapping the Route or We Do Choose
    1. Those External Factors
    2. Those Personal Factors
    3. We Do Choose
    4. Notes
  6. 3. Rough Road, Detours, and Roadblocks or Leading Ourselves to Do Necessary but Unattractive Tasks
    1. Interpreting Your Score
    2. World-Altering Strategies
      1. Reminders and Attention Focusers
      2. Removing Negative Cues
      3. Increasing Positive Cues
    3. Self-Imposed Strategies
      1. Self-Observation
      2. Self-Goal-Setting
        1. Conduct a Self-Examination
        2. Avoid Fuzzy Goals—Be Specific
        3. Set Long-Term and Short-Term Goals
      3. Peaking with Purpose
      4. The Search For Purpose
      5. The Importance of Having Purpose in Life
      6. Self-Reward
      7. Self-Punishment
      8. Practice
    4. Notes
  7. 4. Scenic Views, Sunshine, and the Joys of Traveling or Creating the Self-Motivating Situation
    1. Interpreting Your Score
    2. The Natural Rewards
    3. What Makes Activities Naturally Rewarding?
      1. Feelings of Competence
      2. Feelings of Self-Control
      3. Feelings of Purpose
    4. Tapping the Power of Natural Rewards
      1. Building Natural Rewards into Our Life's Activities
      2. Focusing on the Natural Rewards
    5. A Closing Comment
    6. Notes
  8. 5. Travel Thinking or Redesigning Our Psychological Worlds
    1. Our Psychological Worlds
    2. Is There Power in Positive Thinking?
      1. Self-Talk
      2. Beliefs
    3. Notes
  9. 6. Travel Thinking Continued . . .
    1. Imagined Experience
      1. Thought Patterns
      2. Interpreting Your Score
    2. Opportunity or Obstacle Thinking: An Example
    3. Notes
  10. 7. Team Self-Leadership[1] or What You Get When You Mix Self-Leadership with a Team
    1. Self-Leadership and Teams
    2. Behavioral Aspects of Team Self-Leadership
      1. Team Self-Observation
      2. Team Self-Goal-Setting
      3. Team Cue Modification
      4. Team Self-Reward and Self-Punishment
      5. Team Rehearsal
    3. Mental Aspects of Team Self-Leadership
      1. Team Beliefs and Assumptions
      2. Team Self-Talk
      3. Team Mental Imagery
      4. Thought Patterns
    4. Team Self-Leadership Still Means Individual Self-Leadership
    5. Balancing the “Me” with the “We”
    6. Notes
  11. 8. Reviewing Travel Tales of Previous Journeys or Examples of Self-Leadership in Practice
    1. Self-Leadership Applied to Personal Problems
    2. Applications in Athletics
    3. Applications in Work/Organizational Situations
    4. Uniquely Autonomous Jobs
    5. Organizational Management Positions
    6. Nonmanagement Jobs
    7. Notes
  12. 9. The Destination or Self-Leadership
    1. Self-Leadership
    2. The Tale in Perspective
  13. 10. The Journey Completed
    1. Personal Effectiveness
    2. Some Additional Thoughts
    3. Notes
  14. Epilogue