Deploying in Kubernetes

We proceed with deployment in Kubernotes as follows:

  1. Create the mnist.yaml file with the following content:
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1kind: Deploymentmetadata:  name: mnist-deploymentspec:  replicas: 3  template:    metadata:      labels:        app: mnist-server    spec:      containers:      - name: mnist-container        image: neurasights/mnist-serving        command:         - /bin/sh        args:         - -c         - tensorflow_model_server --model_name=mnist --model_base_path=/tmp/mnist_model        ports:        - containerPort: 8500---apiVersion: v1kind: Servicemetadata:  labels:    run: mnist-service  name: mnist-servicespec:  ports:  - port: 8500    targetPort: 8500  selector:    app: mnist-server#  type: LoadBalancer
If you are running it in AWS or GCP clouds then uncomment the LoadBalancer line ...

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