Image classification using retrained Inception v3 in TensorFlow

The retraining of Inception v3 differs from the VGG16, as we use the softmax activation layer for the output with tf.losses.softmax_cross_entropy() as the loss function.

  1. First define the placeholders:
is_training = tf.placeholder(tf.bool,name='is_training')x_p = tf.placeholder(shape=(None,                            image_height,                             image_width,                            3                           ),                     dtype=tf.float32,                     name='x_p')y_p = tf.placeholder(shape=(None,coco.n_classes),                     dtype=tf.int32,                     name='y_p')
  1. Next, load the model:
with slim.arg_scope(inception.inception_v3_arg_scope()):    logits,_ = inception.inception_v3(x_p,                                      num_classes=coco.n_classes,                                      is_training=True                                     )probabilities = tf.nn.softmax(logits)
  1. Next, define functions to restore the variables ...

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