“Time to discard the small do's and don'ts notes you've been carrying around for years . . . finally a book that captures the art of how to ‘sell' with the art of how to ‘tell' in a succinct and straightforward guide; complete with key tips that provide all you need to know about giving oral presentations to effectively communicate the value of your organization to a potential client. Having led captures and organizations from $5 M to $5B over 34 years, this is a must-read for capture leaders, capture teams, and business leaders alike.”

John Mengucci

CACI Chief Operating Officer

Former Lockheed Martin Business Executive

“John Parker Stewart has an uncanny ability to instill confidence, bring out genuineness, and ensure clarity and conciseness of delivery, that when combined together will help any individual or team deliver a compliant, compelling, and ultimately winning oral proposal presentation.”

Mark Gray

President and CEO, ASRC Federal

Mastering the Art of Oral Presentations fills an absolutely critical need in the area of winning new business. In coauthoring this book, Don Fulop has synthesized over 40 years of highly successful engineering, program management, and business development expertise. He was consistently the ‘winningest' business development executive I knew at Lockheed Martin. His knowledge of the secret ins and outs of structuring oral presentations, meticulous preparation, and rehearsal for key customer orals, and highly skilled performance in front of senior ...

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