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Appendix B. Additional material
This redbook refers to additional material that can be downloaded from the Internet as
described below.
Locating the Web material
The Web material associated with this redbook is available in softcopy on the Internet from
the IBM Redbooks Web server. Point your Web browser to:
Alternatively, you can go to the IBM Redbooks Web site at:
Select the Additional materials and open the directory that corresponds with the redbook
form number, SG246331.
Using the Web material
The additional Web material that accompanies this redbook includes the following files:
File name Description
WebFacing6331.zip This file contains the sample applications and code samples. The file
size is 35 MB.
System requirements for downloading the Web material
The following system configuration is recommended:
Hard disk space: 2 GB minimum
Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Process or higher
Memory: 512 MB minimum, 1 GB recommended
466 Mastering the IBM WebFacing Tool
How to use the Web material
Create a subdirectory (folder) on your workstation, and unzip the contents of the Web
material zip file into this folder. You should see these files in this folder:
򐂰 flght400.savf: This file contains the saved library, flght400, with the Flight Reservation
System (FRS) application. This is
not a modified version of the application. You must
implement all modifications to see the refined version.
򐂰 spoolwork.savf: This file contains the saved library, spoolwork, with the program to
implement the Work with Spooled File functions.
򐂰 FRSMAINX.source, FRS001DF.source, and FRS402DF.source: These are the modified
versions of the data description specification (DDS) sources that we describe in the book.
򐂰 JavaScripts.source: This file contains all the JavaScript functions used in this book.
To use these files, you need to complete these tasks:
1. Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to send the flght400.savf and spoolwork.savf files to your
iSeries server.
2. Restore these libraries with the following commands:
3. Create a user profile named ITSCID14. The FRS application uses this name.
4. Follow the conversion process described in the book.
5. After this process is finished, replace the contents of FRSMAINX, FRS001DF, and
FRS402DF with the source that is provided.
We recommend that you perform all the steps as they are explained in this book. Only by
using this approach can you achieve the desirable level of knowledge.

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