Chapter 5. Operating a Lightning Network Node

After having read this far, you have probably set up a Lightning wallet. In this chapter, we will take things one step further and set up a full Lightning node. In addition to setting one up, we will learn how to operate it and maintain it over time.

There are many reasons why you might want to set up your own Lightning node. They include:

  • To be a full, active participant in the Lightning Network, not just an end user

  • To run an ecommerce store or receive income via Lightning payments

  • To earn income from Lightning routing fees or by renting channel liquidity

  • To develop new services, applications, or plug-ins for the Lightning Network

  • To increase your financial privacy while using Lightning

  • To use some apps built on top of Lightning, like Lightning-powered instant messaging apps

  • For financial freedom, independence, and sovereignty

There are costs associated with running an LN node. You need a computer, a permanent internet connection, lots of disk space, and lots of time! Operational costs will include electricity expenses.

But the skills you will learn from this experience are valuable and can be applied to a variety of other tasks too.

Let’s get started!


It is important that you set your own expectations correctly on accurate facts. If you plan to operate a Lightning node solely to gain income by earning routing fees, please do your homework diligently first. Running a profitable business by operating a Lightning ...

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