Credits for Chapter Opening Images

Chapter 1: Colors of Kyoto © 2018 Richard Faris (Rrfaris)

Nikon 24–20mm lens at 58mm, 1/40s at f/11, ISO 800

This image was taken in the gardens at the Ginkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan. I love the way the D850 captured the detail and fantastic November colors of these magnificent gardens on a dismal gray day.

Chapter 2: Maddi in Studio © 2018 Michael Kerouac (mkerouac)

Nikon 105mm f/1.4 lens, 1/200s at f/1.8, ISO 64

This image was taken in my studio. I used a simple canvas backdrop. The lighting was a 72" Elinchrom softbox placed above a Westcott diffusion panel. I also had a small fill light positioned at the lower left to reduce shadows in the neckline. Maddi, a first-time model, quickly turned into the star ...

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