9.4. Using the Nikon D300 in Commander Mode

Gather up your Nikon D300, its User's Manual, and your external flash units with manuals. Keep them close by since we will refer to the camera and flash unit menus and manuals for additional details.

Let's start by putting our Nikon D300 camera into Commander mode. We'll do that by changing Custom Setting e3 to Commander mode. Look at Figure 2 for the screen series to set this option.

Normally, Custom Setting e3 defaults to TTL as shown in screen 2 of Figure 2. TTL represents the single-flash i-TTL technology used by your built-in Speedlight, or by any i-TTL compatible flash unit you put in your Nikon D300's hotshoe. Since this chapter is about controlling multiple flash units, we'll have to change ...

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