Chapter 4: User-Defined Methods and Packages

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Diving into User-Defined Methods

4.2.1 Overview

4.2.2 Designing a User-defined Method

4.3 User-Defined Packages

4.3.1 General Considerations

4.3.2 User-Defined Package Specifics

4.3.3 Object-Oriented Programming with DS2 Packages

4.4 Review of Key Concepts

4.1 Introduction

In this chapter, we will write user-defined methods to create custom, reusable blocks of DS2 code. First, we’ll explore user-defined methods written inline in a DS2 DATA program, and then we’ll learn how to store, share, and reuse user-defined methods in DS2 packages. Specifically, we will cover these points:

•   defining user-defined methods

•   defining inline methods

•   setting parameters

•   returning a ...

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