Chapter 53. Magic Moments in Selling: Subtle Yet Crucial Actions to Advance the Sale

Anne Miller

Chiron Associates

When your husband or significant other surprises you with flowers and it isn't even your birthday, that is a magic moment in the relationship. When your football-indifferent wife suggests that you stay home and watch the game on television while she takes care of the kids, that is another magic moment in the relationship.

Magic moments are turning points, those little things you do that endear you to the other person and promote the relationship between you.

Alternatively, when your significant other works late on the night of your anniversary or comments, in front of your friends, how inept you are around the house, those are negative magic moments. Those actions weaken, if not totally derail, the relationship.

Relationships in business are similarly affected by magic moments. These magic moments are those subtle, but critical, actions a seller takes that either advance or doom the sale. Sales managers need to ensure that their staffs master those moments.

In my 20-plus years of sales and presentations seminars and coaching work, seven of these turning points continually appear as weaknesses among even the best salespeople. Let me share one of them with you.


People generally know a call should be about the client, but the effort to actually engage a prospect to talk openly and comfortably about his business is often poorly executed.

Let me demonstrate. ...

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