Chapter 89. Your Best Sales Year Ever!

Eric Taylor and David Riklan

Mastering the world of selling doesn't happen in a day. It happens day by day. For you to have your best sales year ever, you have to put together 365 days of focus, self-discipline, and commitment, and strive to give your personal best to everything you do.

Since you've gotten to this point in the book, you have probably invested some time and energy and studied Mastering the World of Selling. You've read about many different sales philosophies, methodologies, strategies, tactics, tips, and secrets from the "Best of the Best" in the world of professional selling.

You now have a wealth of the necessary sales tools at your disposal or, at the very least, unprecedented access to them.

But are sales tools alone enough?

Challenge: Imagine having your best sales year ever!

  • What would it look like in terms of rewards and recognition?

  • How would it make you feel?

  • What would you be thinking?

  • How confident and self-assured would you be about your ability to achieve even more in the upcoming year?

  • What would you be saying to yourself?

  • How much would you have grown, improved, and perfected your sales skills, networking skills, and relationship-building skills?

  • How much money would you have made, and how many clients would have given you repeat business or the coveted unsolicited referrals?

While there is so much in this book that will enable you to move your sales skills forward in the quest to achieve your goals, it's unlikely that sales ...

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