Your Past and Present Hold the Key to Your Future

Where are you going?

No, I'm not asking where you are going on your next appointment or where you are going out to dinner. And I'm not asking where you are going when you get to the mall. I'm asking "Where are you going in life?" That's a pretty big question because it's about your future.

Did you miss your quota last month? Last year? How come? Blaming it on the economy again? Blaming it on the competition again? What is a quota, anyway? A quota is a goal that someoneelse sets for you. I'm asking: What have you set for yourself? When someone gives you a quota, why not double it? That way you'll make the number with ease. It's all in how you look at things.

Guess what? You create barriers or you jump over them.

Once a year I try to predict the future. I do it on the anniversary of the beginning of my writing career. This week marks my fifteenth anniversary. It's always a cause for deep reflection because writing and being published is the fulcrum point of my success. It's not only about how I've made a name for myself, it's also about the legacy that I will leave salespeople worldwide—and, of course, my children and grandchildren.

Writing is about more than creating new sales information each week that salespeople like you can benefit from. It's about being self-disciplined so I can clarify my own ideas, which form the basis for the speeches that I give and the books that I write.

If you really want to know where you're going, you have ...

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