Chapter 14

The Dos and Dont's to Using Article Marketing to Get Online Visibility

Jeff Herring

Article marketing is the perfect vehicle to establish your strong and dominant online visibility. This is because for each article you create, you can spread it all over the Internet in minutes a day.

What holds many people back from creating strong online visibility is the false belief that you have to be found all over the Internet. Here's the really good news: You do not have to be found all over the Internet.

The even better news is you only want to be found all over your niche. And when you combine article marketing and social marketing, you have a strategy that will get you to online visibility in a hurry.

Steps to Online Visibility

1. Create a high quality article around a topic in your niche. When you submit your article and have it published on EzineArticles, you are getting your information in front of over 30 million unique visitors a month. That's over a million a day and about 3,500 just in the time it takes you to read this article.

That alone is some fairly significant visibility online.

But it does not stop there. People with their own web sites, blogs, and newsletters come to EzineArticles looking for content for their sites. When they use your content, complete with links back to you, you are dramatically increasing your online visibility in front of other people's traffic and list community.

2. Spread your article all over social media platforms. Some of this is done ...

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