Chapter 21

Marketing WITHOUT Marketing

Ryan Lee

Since the name of the book is called Mastering the World of Marketing, it might seem strange that I am going to show you how to master the art of nonmarketing.

That's right, nonmarketing.

Ok, let me explain.

Most businesses rely extensively on bringing new clients, customers, or patients through their doors on a regular basis. Here's an example . . .

Melissa Matzel is a local massage therapist. She implemented all of the marketing she learned in this book and brought in five new clients last month. That's great. But, there's a problem . . .

Starting on the first day of the next month, she's back to zero. Meaning, if those new clients do not hire Melissa for another massage, she has to continue marketing to find new clients to fill the bucket. And the cycle never ends.

This is common in just about every business. Dry cleaners, information marketers, restaurants, personal trainers, physicians, and the list goes on and on.

So here's my simple solution: Start to focus on “continuity income.”

Continuity income has many different names: recurring revenue, passive income, or residual income. But no matter what it's called, it's still the same concept.

Continuity income is having consumers on some type of plan or program where they pay ongoing fees to continue with the program.

For example, let's go back to Melissa. Instead of just charging one massage at a time for $100, she can offer a monthly plan that includes the first massage each ...

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