Chapter 31

Twenty-Three Questions for Prospective Bloggers

Is a Blog Right for You?

Darren Rowse

Before launching further into the Blogging for Beginners series I would like to take a step back from some of the practicalities of setting up a new blog and ask potential bloggers a question. . . .

Is a blog the right type of web site for you?

While I'm a big fan of blogging as a way to get content online—I've seen it built up by some bloggers over the years as being the ultimate way of having a web presence.

In my opinion this is just not true.

While blogs are great (in my experience), they are not the ultimate type of web site. They do not have all of the answers, and they do not suit every application or situation.

It may be that after analyzing your needs, personality, hopes, experiences, and style that you find blogging does fit well for your purposes—but it may also be that other web applications fit better with where you're at. Don't just rush into blogging and expect the world.

There are probably other people who are much better at selling you some of the other types of web applications out there (look into wikis, static web sites, forums, and so on.) so I'll leave you to do your own research—but here is a list of 23 questions (written in no particular order except that it is the order they came out of my head in) that you might want to ponder before leaping into blogging. I've put a few brief comments next to each to get you going.

Please note that these questions are in ...

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