Chapter 34

Ten Web Landing Page Tips to Drive Action

David Meerman Scott

I love marketing with Web landing pages. It's one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get a message read by a target market and a terrific tool to move prospects through the sales cycle. Landing pages, done well, can generate high response rates and marketing programs using landing pages with effective calls to action will generate results: e-commerce sales and valuable sales leads.

A landing page is simply a place for a targeted message to a particular demographic and can either be linked from a home page or as part of a marketing campaign. Landing pages work well to tell an organization's story to a particular target market, to promote a new product offering, as a way to capture leads from an e-mail marketing program, or as part of an advertising campaign, PR program, or tradeshow initiative. In the classic sales cycle definition, marketing programs such as advertising, PR, tradeshows, and search engine optimization are designed to attract the prospect's attention (get them to your landing page). The landing page is where you generate interest and develop conviction. In an e-commerce sale you drive people to the “buy” button and in a B2B company the sales team gets a warm suspect ready to be worked to a closed sale.

Effective landing page copy is written from the buyer's perspective, not the company's. Too often, companies invest time and money creating web pages that describe their wonderful ...

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