Mastering Unreal® Technology, Volume I

Book description

Harness the Power of Social Networking to Promote Innovation and Drive Growth 

  • A treasure trove of strategic and tactical insights for the business leader

  • Provides relevant experience from a host of powerful case studies and compelling business scenarios

  • Secrets for avoiding costly mistakes that can cripple a social networking initiative

  • Millions of people use social networking sites, and companies are increasingly turning to social networking to build relationships with customers. But companies routinely miss the best opportunities to create value and promote innovation–by using social networking to build thriving communities of employees, partners, and customers.

    Business leaders and strategists can drive immense value from social networking “inside the firewall.” Drawing on her unsurpassed experience deploying innovative social networking systems within IBM® and for customers, Maria Azua demonstrates how to establish social networking communities, and then leverage those communities to drive extraordinary levels of innovation. Azua offers specific techniques for promoting mass collaboration in the enterprise and strategies to monetize social networking to generate new business opportunities.

    Whatever your industry, you’ll learn how to choose and implement the right social networking solutions for your unique to avoid false starts and wasted time...and how to evaluate and make the most of today’s most promising social technologies–from wikis and blogs to knowledge clouds.

    Product information

    • Title: Mastering Unreal® Technology, Volume I
    • Author(s): Jason Busby, Zak Parrish, Jeff Wilson
    • Release date: August 2009
    • Publisher(s): IBM Press
    • ISBN: 9780137018901