13.10. Site and Subweb Management

One of the most common administrative categories within SharePoint is the management of site collections and their subwebs. As you'd expect, there are quite a few operations in STSADM that deal with this, as shown in Table 13.9. Keep in mind that you can't administer a site collection unless you are a site collection administrator as well.

Table 13.9. Site and Subweb Operations Reference
-url <url> -owneremail <someone@example.com> [-ownerlogin <DOMAIN\name>] [-ownername <display name>] [-secondaryemail <someone@example.com>] [-secondarylogin <DOMAIN\name>] [-secondaryname <display name>] [-lcid <language>] [-sitetemplate <site template>] [-title <site title>] [-description <site ...

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