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“Romance and believability are what’s important. The scientic
content should never draw too much overt attention to itself.
I consider myself a Romantic artist.”
“I think sometimes people take themselves way too seriously,”
says Bob Eggleton. “Science ction is entertainment. It’s
fun. If it’s not fun, then you’re doing it wrong.”
For more than two decades, Eggleton has been doing
it right—and winning awards—painting science ction,
fantasy, horror, and landscapes on canvas or board.
Winner of nine Hugo Awards, twelve Chesley Awards, as
well as various magazine awards, Eggleton is considered
The Rainbow Dragon. Oils. The artist indulges in atmospheric effects and
textures, exploring and enjoying the possibilities of his new medium, oil.
Earthblood. Acrylics. Eggleton takes a fanciful approach to imagery,
using red tones for the background to symbolize the bleeding Earth. His handling
of the classically imagined alien ships emphasizes their size and menace.
one of the most commercially successful artists in the
science ction and fantasy eld. His art appears on
magazine covers, books, posters, trading cards, stationery,
journals, and jigsaw puzzles. A fellow of the International
Association of Astronomical Artists and of the New
England Science Fiction Association, he’s also worked as
a conceptual illustrator for movies such as The Ant Bully,
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Sphere, and The Idol, and thrill
rides such as Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas.
Between deadlines for book covers and movies, he’s
managed to squeeze in time to illustrate two books of
experimental artwork about dragons: Dragonhenge (Paper
Tiger, 2002) and The Stardragons (Paper Tiger, 2005).
Other books of Eggleton’s artwork include Alien Horizons:
The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton (Paper Tiger, 2000),
Greetings from Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton (Sterling,
2000), The Book of Sea Monsters (Overlook TP, 1998), and
Primal Darkness: The Gothic and Horror Art of Bob Eggleton
(Cartouche Press, 2003). Last year saw the publication
of Dragon’s Domain: The Ultimate Dragon Painting Book
(Impact Books, 2009) and in 2012, Bob Eggleton’s Ice Age
America (Impossible Dreams Press) will appear.
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
(23434) Job No:01-23425 Title:RP-Masters of Science Fiction&Fantasy Art
#175 Dtp:204 Page:196
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