Chapter 7. Create the Competency Profile: Step 3

In determining "the right people," the good-to-great companies placed greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience.

Jim Collins

In the preceding chapter, we learned that the job overview is designed to focus the hiring team on what the new hire will be doing (the job description), and the skills necessary for success (the required skills). The next step of the MATCH process allows the hiring team to quantify the soft skills necessary to fit into the corporate culture.

The most effective companies recognize that the soft-skill fit is more important than the hard-skill fit. They recognize that hard skills can be taught, but soft skills touch on a basic approach to work—an approach that needs to be consistent with your company's culture and mission. You can't teach these kinds of skills.


Sticky Notes:

  • The competency profile allows the hiring team to successfully evaluate soft skills.

  • No shortcuts.

  • Use the "lowest acceptable ranking" to prioritize your search.

The competency profile is the hiring team's tool for getting clear on the soft skills necessary for the job. Unlike the job overview the competency profile measures areas that are harder to quantify. Using the MATCH process will allow your organization to develop an objective and methodical approach for evaluating the competencies of a successful hire.

The Process

The competency profile is ...

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