Chapter 14. Extend the Offer: Step 10

There are two things people want more than sex and money—recognition and praise.

Mary Kay Ash

A salary represents the perceived value of an employee's impact on a company. Negotiating that "value" can be tough. Discussions of money can be similar to discussions of politics in that they can bring out completely unpredictable personality dimensions.


Sticky Notes:

  • A job offer should be presented as more than a base salary.

  • Before making the offer, thoroughly research the candidate's salary history as well as market conditions.

  • The MATCH process does not end when you extend the offer.

The beauty of the MATCH process is that each progressive step has aligned the right people to the right job within your company. By this point your candidate pool should contain highly qualified candidates poised to accept your offer. Even so, to help with salary negotiations, ensure that base salary is only one aspect of any offer. There are two other dimensions to your offer:

  1. The monetary value of the total package: base salary + bonus + benefits + profit sharing + extras, like a company car. You should itemize and outline this total dollar amount for the candidate.

  2. The intangibles. People are motivated by more than money, of course: growth potential, interesting work, and even the daily commute are factors that should be considered.

Knowing What to Offer

If a candidate has stated interest in a specific position, at a certain salary range, then it is safe to assume that ...

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