Chapter 17. Retain the Employee: Step 13

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Congratulations! Your company has a new person to contribute to its success. This person has been thoughtfully considered and interviewed. They have even been through an onboarding process and assigned a mentor. Both you and the new employee are excited about the future.

So how are you going to retain them? Though that might seem like an odd question to consider before they even get settled into their space, that's exactly the point: you need to be thinking about how you will keep your employees before they walk through the door.

The reality is that by going through the MATCH process you have already greatly increased the odds of retaining talent. After all, capturing the heart of an employee by aligning them with the overall purpose of the organization and then clearly defining what they will be accountable for is a terrific way to start the relationship. If you have followed each step of the MATCH process, then your hire will already deeply connect to your company.


Sticky Notes:

  • Retention strategies start with the mission of your organization.

  • Improve retention by understanding generational differences.

  • A solid mentoring program is the most effective retention strategy.

But you can even further impact retention by developing an understanding of what continuously motivates people about their work. Part of the retention conundrum is answered ...

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