Chapter 10 Keeping it all together: Fracture-limited design

Chapter contents

  • 10.1 Introduction and synopsis 206
  • 10.2 Standard solutions to fracture problems 206
  • 10.3 Material indices for fracture-safe design 207
  • 10.4 Case studies 211
  • 10.5 Summary and conclusions 222
  • 10.6 Further reading 222
  • 10.7 Exercises 223
  • 10.8 Exploring design with CES 225

It is very hard to build a structure that is completely without cracks. As explained in Chapter 8, cracks caused by shrinkage in casting and welding, by the cracking of inclusions during rolling or just caused by careless machining are commonplace. And even if there are no cracks to start with, cyclic loading (Chapter 9) and corrosion (Chapter 17) can introduce them later.

Fractured pipe.

(Image ...

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