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Math Mutation Classics: Exploring Interesting, Fun and Weird Corners of Mathematics

Book Description

Did you know that sometimes 2+2 equals 5? That wheels don't always have to be round? That you can mathematically prove there is a hippopotamus in your basement? Or how to spot four-dimensional beings as they pass through your kitchen? If not, then you need to read Math Mutation Classics.

This is a collection of Erik Seligman's blog articles from Math Mutation at MathMutation.com. Erik has been creating podcasts and converting them in his blog for many years. We have collected what we believe to be the most interesting among them, and have edited and organized them into a book that is often thought provoking, challenging, and fun.

This book is about using math in unique ways; of analyzing things we observe in life and using proof to attain the unexpected. There is quite a wide diversity of topics here and so all age levels and ability levels will enjoy the discussions. Erik's unique viewpoint puts a mathematical spin on everything from politicians to hippos. Along the way, you will enjoy the different point of view and hopefully it will open you up to a slightly more out-of-the-box way of thinking.