Solutions to Exercises

Chapter 1 Probability

1. Sample space

The sample space for CW is the discrete set {CWMIN, 2 * CWMIN, 4 * CWMIN, ... 2n * CWMIN}, where n is chosen so that 2n * CWMIN < CWMAX. The sample space for backoff, given CW, is a subset of the real line defined by [0, CW].

2. Interpretations of probability

An objective interpretation would be that we have a complete weather model that has an inherent source of randomness. Given this model and the current weather conditions, the model predicts that the probability of a snowstorm is 25%.

A frequentist approach would be to look at all prior days when today’s weather conditions also held and look at the number of such days when there was a snowstorm the next morning. Then, 25% of the ...

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