Chapter 6

Understanding Plotting Basics

In This Chapter

arrow Defining and understanding plots

arrow Working with the plot function

arrow Changing plot specifics

arrow Creating 2D plots

MATLAB includes fabulous routines for plotting (or graphing) the data and expressions that you supply to the software. Using MATLAB’s familiar interface, you can produce visual representations of various functions and data sets, including 2D x-y graphs, log scales, bar, and polar plots, as well as many other options. The visuals that MATLAB produces resemble anything from the graph of an algebraic equation to pie charts often used in business and to specialized graphs.

In this chapter, you find out how to use 2D plotting functions to create expression and data plots and how the same process works with other plotting routines in MATLAB. You also discover the commonly used visual styles for representing various types of data, how to combine plots, and how to modify the plots to match specific data sets.

tip.eps With MATLAB, you can ...

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