Equations and Systems

MATLAB offers certain commands that allow you to solve equations and systems. Among them are the following:

  • solve('equation','x') solves the equation in the variable x.
  • syms x; solve(equ(x),x) solves the equation equ(x)in the variable x.
  • solve('eq1,eq2,...,eqn','x1,x2,...,xn') solves n simultaneous equations eq1,. . .,eqn (in the variables x1,. . ., xn).
  • syms x1 x2 ... xn; solve(eq1,eq2,...,eqn,x1,x2,...,xn) solves n simultaneous equations eq1,...,eqn (in the variables x1,..., xn).
  • X = linsolve(A,B) solves A * X = B for a square matrix A, where B and X are matrices.
  • x = nnls(A,b) solves A * x = b in the least-squares ...

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