How it works...

Here is the explanation for the preceding code:

This is the first plot:

  • sns.distplot(snacks_sales.Coffee, color='g', rug=True, rug_kws={"color": 'm', "height": 0.1}) plots. This is the required distribution plot.
  • snacks_sales.Coffee is the coffee sales data whose distribution is to be plotted.
  • color='g' specifies that the color of the histogram and KDE plots that are plotted by default is green.
  • If you want to switch off the histogram or KDE plot, then pass the arguments hist=False and kde=False.
  • rug=True specifies whether the rug plot should be plotted on this distribution plot. The default option is False, hence it is not plotted.
  • rug_kws={"color": 'm', "height": 0.1} is the keyword dictionary to be used to format the rug ...

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