Chapter 13

Onboarding Your Social Media Strategy

Implementing your social media strategy successfully requires that your company create the right staffing roles and responsibilities and devise an inclusive social media culture through the use of effective internal communications involving the social media program and having social media guidelines that employees know and follow. Only then can the social media strategy you create become a true part of your company’s culture.


If you’ve taken the advice in Chapter 12 and expanded your company’s social media strategy to include stakeholders in all departments and created various teams to help oversee social efforts, you are well on your way to successfully expanding the use of social media throughout your company.

Create social media guidelines (covered in this chapter) and use your internal communications team to let everyone in the company know about the social media strategy. Make your social media organization—including the various teams discussed in Chapter 12—open and transparent to the entire company and, ideally, have top leadership deliver this message. If your company is too big or geographically distributed, create an internal video to disseminate this information.

Creating a truly inclusive social culture goes beyond making this announcement, though. Invite every single employee to become a part of your social media program and empower each with the ability to do so. Although I’m not ...

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