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Maximizing Lead Generation

Book Description

Maximizing Lead Generation brings together everything B2B marketers need to know to plan and execute winning lead generation programs, hands-on. Short, snappy, and easy to use, it reflects the latest trends in lead generation, including social media, content marketing and lead nurturing. World-renowned lead generation expert Ruth Stevens covers all this, and more:

  • Linking lead generation and management to salesforce productivity

  • Building a marketing database that offers real competitive advantage

  • Identifying the media that work today - and avoiding the ones that don't

  • Developing and executing highly-effective campaigns, step-by-step

  • Achieving excellence in response planning and management

  • Qualifying leads: Separating wheat from chaff

  • Using new Lead Nurturing techniques to convert "duds" into "diamonds"

  • Tracking campaign results and demonstrating value

  • Anticipating the fast-evolving future of lead generation