6 Maximum Performance with WebSphere Application Server V5.1 on iSeries
1.4 Maximizing server performance
This redbook covers server performance. It includes such topics as performance
measurement and analysis, performance characteristics of applications running on the
WebSphere Application Server, capacity planning, and how to do sizing of applications
deployed on the WebSphere Application Server.
The server performance components are integrated in three major areas:
Web server and Web application server
System software and hardware
Figure 1-4 outlines the general composition of the server. However, you may find that
additional components are needed in your own environment. You need to fully understand
and be aware of these components to maximize server performance.
Figure 1-4 Performance as a balancing act
Performance is a balancing act. There is an optimum point at which the expenditure of time to
measure matches the value of the improvements that may be obtained. Fundamentally, you
are always looking for the most gains from the least effort.
The factors that influence overall system and application performance include:
Hardware configuration: Sufficient hardware resources must be present and available to
the application.
System tuning options: Ensure that the system and subsystems make the most efficient
use of the hardware resources available.
Application architecture
: The performance of a good architecture, even if implemented
poorly, can frequently be overcome by application tuning, but the reverse does not apply.
Application design: Poor design or implementation can sometimes be overcome by
Consider all these elements as a combined whole when looking for performance
OS/400 & hardware
WebSphere & Web server
Capacity and
Application design
Application architecture
Application tuning
server tuning
Hardware configuration
OS software tuning

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