Chapter 8. Tuning WebSphere Application Server Base 279
8.3.1 Listener service
The message listener service is an extension to the JMS functions of the JMS provider. It
provides a listener manager that controls and monitors one or more JMS listeners, which
each monitor a JMS destination on behalf of a deployed message-driven bean.
Thread pool
The thread pool determines the maximum number of threads that the message listener
service can run. Adjust this parameter when multiple message-driven beans are deployed in
the same application server and the sum of their maximum session values exceeds the
default value of 10.
Setting Thread pool
To change the Thread pool setting for WebSphere Application Server, use these steps.
1. Start the administrative console.
2. In the topology tree, expand Servers and click Application Servers.
3. Click the name of the application server that you want to configure.
4. Click Message Listener Service.
5. On the Message Listener Service page, click Thread Pool.
6. Edit the thread pool settings as needed (see Figure 8-37).
Figure 8-37 Message listener service: Thread pool settings
7. Click Apply or OK.
8. Save the configuration.
9. Stop and restart the application server.
Default value
The default Minimum Size for thread pool is 10. The default Maximum Size value 50.
Recommended value
Set the minimum value to the sum of all message-driven beans maximum session values. Set
the maximum to a value that is equal to or greater than the minimum value.

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