36 Maximum Performance with WebSphere Application Server V5.1 on iSeries
4.2.5 Management Central
You can use Management Central’s Collection Services to collect performance data as
described in 4.3.1, “Collecting performance data” on page 93. You may use the Performance
Tools for iSeries LPP (5722-PT1) to create reports from the data. To collect and store
performance data for future analysis, you can:
Start Collection Services on a single system
Start Collection Services on system groups
Start Collection Services automatically
Collection Services collects data that identifies the relative amount of system resource used
by different areas of your system. When you collect and analyze this information on a regular
basis, you help balance your resources better. This in turn gives you the best performance
from your system. You can customize your data collections so you collect only the data that
you want.
You can use database files generated from collection services with the Performance Tools for
iSeries licensed program (5722-PT1) or other applications to produce performance reports.
To view real-time performance data, Management Central provides an easy-to-use graphical
interface for monitoring system performance. Figure 4-11 shows an example of a
Management Central CPU monitor.
Figure 4-11 Sample Management Central view
Chapter 4. Tools for determining performance problems 37
Creating a new monitor with iSeries Navigator
Follow these steps to create a new monitor:
1. Launch the iSeries Navigator.
2. Expand your Management Central.
3. Expand Monitors.
4. Select System, right-click, and select New Monitor as shown in Figure 4-12.
Figure 4-12 Creating a new system monitor
38 Maximum Performance with WebSphere Application Server V5.1 on iSeries
5. The New Monitor opens. Complete these steps:
a. Click the General tab, and enter a name for the monitor.
b. Click the Metrics tab. Select the metrics you want to observe and specify (see
Figure 4-13):
Collection interval of:
- 15 seconds
- 30 seconds
- 1 minute or
- 5 minutes
Maximum graphing value
•Display time
You may choose to include all 25 available metrics to your monitor. However, we
recommend that you select only the key metrics that you need to analyze your current
situation. Every metric is shown as a separate pane in the window, so the more metrics
you specify, the smaller each pane is.
Figure 4-13 Selecting the metrics to observe
Chapter 4. Tools for determining performance problems 39
c. Click the Systems and Groups tab. Complete these tasks:
i. Click the Browse button.
ii. On the Browse Systems and Groups window (Figure 4-14), select the systems that
you want to monitor and click Add to add them to your monitor. Then click OK.
Figure 4-14 Selecting the systems to be monitored
d. Click OK.
6. Double-click your monitor name in the iSeries Navigator.
Tip: Use separate colors for separate systems if you have multiple systems on one
monitor. Right-click the central system, select User Preferences and set the
properties per graph.

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