Skill Answers and Solutions

Skill 1 (page 27)

Find the Main Idea in a Sentence in the Passage

1. A

2. A or E can be correct answers as they both convey the same general idea.

Skill 2 (page 29)

Choose the Best Summary Statement of the Main Idea

1. C

2. D

3. B

Skill 3 (page 31)

Identify the Best Title

1. Possible Answers: “Winning Hispanic Athletes,” “Hispanic Winners,” “Hispanics in Sports.”

2. Possible Answers: “Patriotic Music,” “Military Music,” “Patriotism through Music.”

Skill 4 (page 33)

Focus on Facts and Details

1. D

2. D

3. A

4. B

Skill 5 (page 35)

Draw Conclusions

1. B

2. A

Skill 6 (page 37)

Identify the Feeling or Mood of the Passage

1. D

2. Here are some words you should have circled: wrong, strange, sinister, dimly subtle aura of ...

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