Review Questions

  1. You are concerned about poor performance of a table in your database that users are running range queries on. You have queried sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats and discovered that the avg_fragmentation_in_percent value for the table's index is 75. You have also run DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS and noticed that they have not been updated for a week. What should you do to improve performance?
    1. Update the statistics.
    2. Defrag the index.
    3. Drop and create the statistics using a full scan.
    4. Rebuild the index.
  2. You are responsible for managing 100 SSRS instances in your organization. You want to make a configuration change on all the SSRS instances. What is the best tool to achieve this?
    1. rs.exe
    2. rsconfig.exe
    3. SQL Server Configuration Manager
    4. Reporting ...

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