7.5. Review Questions

  1. Which of the following is a valid reason to create a terminal server running Terminal Services?

    1. To prevent users from launching applications on their desktop

    2. To ensure users are using RDC 6.0

    3. To allow users to run different versions of an application

    4. To give users access to other users' desktops for remote control

  2. Sally is running Outlook 2003. Because of an add-in that she's using, she does not want to upgrade to Outlook 2007 since the add-in is not compatible. What can be done?

    1. Install Outlook 2007 on a terminal server, and grant Sally access to the terminal server to run Outlook 2007.

    2. Install Outlook 2007 on a separate system, and have Sally use both systems.

    3. Uninstall Outlook 2003. Install Outlook 2007; then reinstall Outlook ...

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