8.17. Review Questions

  1. In a mission-critical environment, some applications require forms of redundancy that include completely separate volumes of backup that mirror the current application's central drive. Of the following RAID types, which one most fully supports drive mirroring?

    1. RAID 0

    2. RAID 1

    3. RAID 5

    4. RAID 10

  2. When initially designing an Active Directory infrastructure, one of the design elements that is strongly recommended is to make Active Directory as redundant as possible. Specifically, this recommendation strongly emphasizes placing which two components of the Windows Server 2008 infrastructure on separate volumes?

    1. The SYSVOL directory

    2. boot.ini

    3. Ntdis.dit

    4. Ntloader

    5. Repadmin.sys

  3. With DFS, referrals can be organized in three ways. Of the following options, ...

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