This section contains the answers to the Objective Reviews and the Thought Experiments.

Objective 2.1: Review

  1. Correct Answer: B

    1. Incorrect: The WindowsFormsHost allows you to host a Windows Forms control in a WPF application.

    2. Correct: The ElementHost allows you to host a WPF control in a Windows Forms application.

    3. Incorrect: The Grid element is a container that hosts other controls in a WPF application, but it cannot be used independently in Windows Forms applications.

    4. Incorrect: The Form class is the base class for Windows Forms application, but it cannot host WPF controls independently.

  2. Correct Answer: D

    1. Incorrect: Windows Forms lack the required responsiveness to styles for this application.

    2. Incorrect: WPF does not have an inherent MaskedTextBox ...

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