Chapter 6Prep and Practice
Exam 70-297 Prep and
The material in this chapter is designed to help you prepare and practice for Exam
70-297: Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network
Infrastructure. The chapter is organized into four sections:
Preparing for Exam 70-297
This section provides an overview of the types of questions on the exam.
Reviewing this section will help you understand how the actual exam works.
Exam 70-297 Suggested Exercises
This section provides a numbered list of exercises that you can do to gain
experience in the exam’s subject areas. An in-depth study of practice case
scenarios will help you prepare better for the exam.
Exam 70-297 Highlighters Index
This section compiles the facts within the exam’s subject areas that you are
most likely to need another look at—in other words, the areas of study that
you might have highlighted while reading the Study Guide. Studying the
highlights is useful as a final review before the exam.
Exam 70-297 Practice Questions
This section includes a comprehensive set of practice questions to assess your
knowledge of the exam. The questions are more or less similar in format to
the exam. After you’ve reviewed the Study Guide, read the questions and see
if you can answer them correctly.
Before you take Exam 70-297, review the exam overview and take another look at
the Highlighters Index. Many online web sites provide practice tests for the exam.
Duplicating the depth and scope of these practice exams in a printed book isn’t
possible. Visit Microsoft’s Certification site for pointers to online practice tests

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