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Preparing for Exam 70-297
Exam 70-297 is a computer-generated exam. This exam is different from the core
exams in the sense that it contains four or five mini-exams known as testlets. You
will have limited time for completing each testlet. An onscreen timer clock
displays the amount of time remaining on the exam. Most questions on each
testlet of the exam are multiple-choice. Multiple-choice questions are either:
Multiple-choice, single answer
A radio button allows you to select a single answer only.
Multiple-choice, multiple answer
A checkbox allows you to select multiple answers. Usually the number of
correct answers is indicated in the question itself.
Typically, the test environment will have Previous/Next and Mark For Review
options. You can navigate through the test using the Previous/Next buttons. You
can click the Mark For Review checkbox to flag a question for later review. At the
bottom of the screen is a calculator button.
Other formats for questions are used as well, including:
List prioritization
Pick the choices that answer the question and arrange the list in a specified
order. Lists initially appear on the right side, and you have to click
<< ADD to
add them in the correct order to the list on the left side. For example, you
might have to list the steps for creating a local user from the Computer
Management Console.
Hot area
Indicate the correct answer by clicking one or more areas of the screen or
dialog box provided with the question. For example, you might be asked to
click an appropriate tab on the Display Properties to configure screen
Select and place
Using drag-and-drop, pick answers from the given set of choices and place
them in an appropriate spot in a dialog box or diagram. For example, you
might be asked to select local users or groups who have the rights to backup
files and folders.
Active screen
Use the dialog box provided to configure the options correctly or perform the
required procedure. For example, you might be asked to click an appropriate
option from the local policies in order to configure Account Lockout Policy.
Use the simulated desktop environment provided to perform a specific task
or troubleshoot. For example, you might be asked to configure a static IP
address for a given network adapter.
Exam 70-297 is a design exam. It is obvious that the exam is based on case-
scenario-type questions, followed by a set of multiple-choice questions. There are
usually four or five case scenarios or case studies (known as testlets). Each of these

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