Chapter 6: Exam 70-297 Prep and Practice
testlets spans multiple pages of information, some of which is relevant and some
of which is irrelevant to the case. You are required to study the information on all
these pages before you can answer 10 to 12 questions based on the information. If
you have not practiced properly, the information may seem confusing at times. It
is important that you do not skip any part of the information so that you can
correctly answer the questions in the testlet.
While many of the questions on Exam 70-297 are multiple-choice, hot area, select
and place, and active screen, the simulation type of questions are being used
increasingly by Microsoft to ensure the testing process more accurately reflects
actual hands-on knowledge rather than rote memorization. With the exception of
multiple-choice, single-answer questions, all of the other questions can have
multiple answers or multiple required procedures to obtain full credit. If all of the
expected answers or procedures are not performed, you will only get partial credit
for the answer. This is usually indicated in the question itself.
Exam 70-297 Suggested Exercises
Exam 70-297 expects you to have a sound knowledge of what you have learned
during the preparation for Windows Server 2003 core required exams. It is
suggested that you take this exam after you have completed the four core exams.
All the skills you learned for the four core exams will be required for this exam.
You are expected not only to be a good administrator in these areas, but also to
have the solid planning skills of a network designer. The measured skills are
extended to include many new areas of study, including analysis of an existing
Active Directory and network infrastructure, business and technical requirements
of an organization, and, based on your analysis, design of the logical and physical
network infrastructure for an organization.
You will need plenty of planning and design experience to pass the exam. This
design will be based on your skills in analyzing the given information in a case
study. You’ll need to review the Study Guide closely, paying special attention to
any areas with which you are unfamiliar. This section provides a numbered list of
exercises that you can do to gain experience in the exam’s subject areas.
Performing the exercises will help ensure that you have plenty of planning and
design experience with all areas of the exam.
You probably will not need a Windows Server 2003 network for this exam
because you will be required to apply the knowledge you gained while studying
for the four core exams. The exam tests your planning and designing skills instead
of any hands-on skills. The case scenarios presented in the exam will require you
to have an in-depth knowledge of Windows Server 2003 technologies and how
they can be applied when you are creating a design for an Active Directory-based
network infrastructure. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a two-computer test
network just in case you need to practice a few hands-on skills.

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