Chapter 6: Exam 70-297 Prep and Practice
3. Determine how DNS servers will be physically secured.
4. Determine which administrators will be responsible for maintaining DNS
5. Prepare a plan for number and placement of DNS servers.
6. Document your plan.
Planning a WINS Structure
1. Determine whether any legacy applications or clients need NetBIOS name
2. Determine whether all locations need WINS servers.
3. Determine the number of WINS servers at each location or each subnet.
4. Determine how servers will be placed across the network.
5. Determine whether push or pull replication will be required between WINS
6. Determine how WINS servers will be physically secured.
7. Document your design taking account of all factors.
Designing IP Addresses Assignment
1. Determine the number of registered IP addresses required by the company.
2. Determine how the registered IP address space will be divided into different
3. Determine the portion of IP addresses for each location.
4. Calculate a subnet mast for each subnet of the network.
5. Determine the servers that need registered IP addresses for Internet presence.
6. Design an IP address allocation plan.
Dynamic IP Addressing with DHCP
1. Determine the number of DHCP servers required for all locations of the
2. Determine how DHCP servers will be configured with scopes.
3. Determine what scope and server options will be configured.
4. Determine the servers that need address reservations.
5. Determine which smaller subnets will need DHCP Relay Agent.
6. Determine where the DHCP servers will be placed and how they will be
7. Design a complete DHCP solution based on your analysis.
8. Document your plan.

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